Elizabeth Green - Kickstart Exports & Customs Project Assistant

I started my Kickstart placement on the 24th March 2021, having been here for slightly over a month now, I already feel like I’m part of the team. The people I have met are all so lovely, bubbly and welcoming, along with a really positive working environment.

I am currently working as part of the International Trade Team, as the Exports & Customs Project Assistant. This placement is one of the best opportunities I have had, and I encourage anyone who is given the opportunity, to take it.

Starting this journey, I was nervous, however, being introduced to the team I now know, alongside other kickstarters made the transition into the role much easier. As I am still a ‘newbie’ I am only at the beginning of this exciting journey, however, I plan on taking every opportunity that comes my way and run with it.

Since I started, my skills have improved immensely, I have gained confidence both in the workplace and personal development. Other skills include, excel and spreadsheet processes, how to navigate and successfully use new systems, how to conduct research to compare data and conduct data analysis. This placement has already provided the skill set growth which I needed and throughout my time here, I hope to adapt and develop it further.

 Meeting new people, developing workplace relationships, and being a part of a team with a great work ethic and environment, are just some of the many benefits which make this placement so enjoyable. I also enjoy the opportunities within the workplace to adapt to roles which are better suited to future career goals. For me, since starting I have shifted into a position which sparks my interests and hope it will aid progression. Another great thing about working here are the weekly check-ins, this is a space where I can express my feelings about the previous week, any challenges which I may have faced and what I wish to achieve in the upcoming week. What makes this platform great is all feedback is listened to and acted upon accordingly. (Which cannot be said about other jobs prior to working here!)

Alongside this placement, I also have monthly training sessions which deliver topics including, but not limited to, CV building, Interview masterclasses and resilience, motivation and confidence building. This is something which, until adulthood, you tend not to focus on, and must navigate by yourself. However, these sessions help not only on a professional level by understanding what employers look out for, but also on a personal level as there is room for reflection and personal development. This is one of the main reasons as to why I think this scheme is beneficial to young people.

So, what do I expect to take away from this experience? I hope this opportunity acts as a steppingstone for my future. Every day, I am learning new skills and re-discovering old skills. I hope that by allowing the space between where I am, and where I want to be, will inspire me to continue learning, growing and developing, until I reach my goals.


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