Approved PPE today announced plans to host an open day at their head office on Wednesday 26th May. At the open day they will display various new products including Tersano – (Magic Water), The Scarecrow – UV Air Purification and TOTO - Disinfection and sanitisation by Ozone. All of these new products are designed to help businesses become cleaner, greener and more efficient with less chemicals and more quality, with eco-conscious and cutting-edge products.

Dave Goodman, Director, Approved PPE Said: “At Approved PPE, we work with people and businesses to improve the quality of their facility, with both surface and air cleaning technology. We want to support the business community; we want to help businesses become more environmentally friendly, but more importantly we want to help them make sure they have the correct measures in place so that employees will feel safe on their return to work.”

Features and benefits of our latest line of products include.

  • Tersano - A highly effective cleaner and sanitiser for up to 24 hours for less than 12p a litre! The Tersano unit coverts O2 (Water) into O3 (Ozone),10 times more powerful than Bleach yet harmless to us and the environment
  • The Scarecrow - In a world where quality of air, virus control, and customer confidence is a priority; say hello to Scarecrow, the ultimate air purifying solution. Using powerful UV-C rays and hospital grade HEPA-13 and carbon filtration, this ultra-smart air purification unit cleans the air inside your facility, continuously killing bacteria, viruses and odours.
  • Our ozone machines use the most effective and guaranteed method of destroying all types of toxins, bacteria and viruses thanks to the high bactericidal properties of ozone. In addition to being the most efficient method, one of its main advantages is the speed of disinfection. It requires no chemical additives, leaves no toxic residues, is ecological and environmentally friendly. With Toto, you are guaranteed to reach every nook and cranny of the area to be disinfected. Total sanitisation without odours or stains.

Join us on Wednesday 26th May, at our offices at Pacific Road to find out more, or visit our website


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