Accredited Trade Training

The British Chambers of Commerce has developed a series of nationally recognised courses in international trade. Designed to meet the needs of businesses and their staff involved in international trade activities, the courses provide current and potential exporters with knowledge and skills in areas that include documentation, Letters of Credit and INCOTERMS, through to Preference Rules of Origin and how to work with agents and distributors. The courses form a curriculum that provides invaluable skills for small and large companies alike that will arm you with the knowledge to grow your business worldwide.

Following each module, delegates are tested through an assessment process and marked by external examiners. A certificate will be awarded for each successfully completed module; upon completion of six modules, you will be awarded with a Foundation Award in International Trade, certified by the BCC.

The next programme of training will be delivered in Q2 2017 and will cover; 

  • Understanding Exporting
  • Export Documentation and Incoterms
  • Methods of Payment and Documentary Letters of Credit
  • May Agents and Distributors
  • May Inward and Outward Processing
  • Preference Rules of Origin
  • Import Procedures and Customs Audit Procedures

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