Wirral Against Business Crime

Wirral Chamber of Commerce is committed to making the Borough a safer place to trade. To do this we have implemented a number of key initiatives designed to support both local businesses and police in the reduction of business crime.

Wirral Against Business Crime (WABC) is an online secure intranet crime reduction initiative designed as an information sharing service provided by Wirral Chamber of Commerce. It shares information on low-level crime, anti-social behaviour and helps to improve security in town centres.

By being a member of Wirral Against Business Crime you will benefit from:

  • Accessing a secure members only intranet providing intelligence, offender images and information updates;
  • Receiving a weekly e-newsletter distributed to all members of WABC sharing the latest offender information;
  • A monthly security meeting held either at The Lauries Centre in Birkenhead and at Wilko in Liscard;
  • Evaluating and implementation of crime reduction Initiatives;
  • The Red Card Exclusion Notice scheme of banned offenders. Its message is simple and clear - banned from one member store then banned from all stores;
  • Photographs of active offenders;
  • Being part of a partnership team looking out for each other, caring about Wirral and actively involved in improving the shopper experience;
  • Business premises site visits to offer guidance on effective crime reduction methods;
  • Reporting and sharing information with other members and colleagues in WABC.

Contact us

If you would like to find out more or to register for membership of Wirral Against Business Crime then please get in touch with us by contacting Joesph Scarth by telephone 0151 650 6940 or email josephscarth@wirralchamber.co.uk.

Wirral Chamber of Commerce is registered with the Information Commissioners.