Love Liscard

Love Liscard is a partnership between Wirral Chamber of Commerce, local businesses and Wirral Council, and the initiative will deliver a clean and safe Liscard and encourage and support businesses and residents.

Town Hosts

Love Liscard Town Hosts, Arfon Williams and Ian Davies,  are engaging with local businesses, together with welcoming and directing visitors and acting as a direct link between businesses and service providers.

The Love Liscard initiative will encourage community groups to hold events that will shine a light on Liscard and promote the town as a place to visit, shop and work. They will work to actively promote events to ensure their successful delivery and attendance through the Wirral Chamber’s digital and social media channels.

Paula Basnett, CEO of Wirral Chamber of Commerce said “We are delighted with the positive response that we received at the Love Liscard launch today. It is clear that councillors, business owners and the residents are passionate about the town and have provided us with ideas that we will take forward.

The Town Hosts will support traders and build up their confidence, whilst also helping to attract new visitors to the town. The economic heart of the town is the centre of Liscard and it is vital that through the initiative it builds up a real sense of community so people will feel like Liscard is a hub for retail and business growth.

Love Liscard is an initiative of Wirral Chamber of Commerce, local businesses and Wirral Council. Love Liscard aims to encourage visitors and greater investment in Liscard town centre and works with all business sectors to enhance the overall experience for visitors, shoppers and workers by making the area safer, secure and more attractive.



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