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Nick Mason, MD and Chief Strategist at MASON

Tell us about your company?

MASON provides clients with strategic PR, content marketing and brand development.  Our clients range from ambitious start-ups through to established family businesses and PLCs.  Some of our clients ask us to help them drive awareness in the North West, while, for others, we are supporting them in a range of international export markets.  We are storytellers. We’ll work with you to craft the story of your products or services and then identify the right audiences to reach on your behalf.  For some clients we provide PR support around specific projects; in other cases, we have been working with clients for several years.

What is your background?

Before establishing MASON in 2003 with my wife, Lucy, I worked in senior journalist / news editor roles for the Daily Mail in London and Manchester. Lucy also worked for the Mail as a health writer and commissioning editor.  Prior to that, both of us worked for a number of successful regional newspapers including the South Wales Echo, Chester Chronicle and Lancashire Evening Post. While Lucy grew up in Lancashire, I am from Wirral and attended Birkenhead School.  With over 15 years in business, MASON is one of the most established PR companies in our region.

Where do you want the organisation to be in two years’ time?

We are ambitious about continuing to grow our own company and would like to achieve this by working with more of Wirral’s business success stories.  We are big believers in seeing our clients as partners. If we can help our clients achieve their goals, it follows that we should also be successful.

"Some of our clients ask us to help them drive awareness in the North West, while, for others, we are supporting them in a range of international export markets."

Could you suggest one thing to Government to help a business or your organisation growth - what would it be?

I would love to see a Government really champion private business in the UK. SMEs account for virtually all private business activity, but it rarely feels as if Government – of whatever colour – is on your side.

What effect do you think Brexit will have on your business and the UK?

I think the biggest fear of most business owners is that the Brexit negotiations end badly and result in an economic downturn.

What do you do to relax away from the office?

Sport is pretty important whether playing or watching. I play a lot of squash and cricket and spend the rest of my time shuttling my children to various sporting venues.

Have you any hidden talents?

Not sure about hidden talents but plenty of things I’m not so good at. Cooking and DIY spring immediately to mind!

What advice would you give yourself if you were starting out on a career today?

It’s really important you choose a career that you are passionate about. Work hard but ensure you take time to enjoy the journey.

Your final words?

I look forward to using MASON’s strategic partner status to help promote Wirral as a great place to do business.

Mason was founded in 2003 by seasoned journalists, Nick and Lucy Mason. Both had served their time with the Daily Mail in London but wanted to return north and establish their own business, if you would like to contact them website or email




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