Keith Humphrey, Company Director at PFP Wealth

Keith Humphrey, Company Director at PFP Wealth

Tell us about your company?

PFP Wealth Ltd was founded in 2013, when its Principals, Keith Humphrey and Gabriel Rooney, accepted an invitation to join St.James's Place Wealth Management.  Managing director Keith Humphrey explains the PFP philosophy - at  PFP Wealth, people are our First Priority.  We place our clients at the heart of the business and believe that the best way to give personal financial and investment advice is through our team of Professional Financial Advisers. We specialise in providing high quality personal advice on many aspects of wealth management, advising clients of widely differing financial resources and of all ages.

Additionally, we assist businesses in the increasingly complex area of corporate financial planning, providing guidance on pensions, protection for directors, key employees or shareholders, tax reliefs and aspects of exit strategy planning. We understand that regular client contact and financial reviews are the key to successful financial planning, simply because the world does not stay the same.

Things change. PFP Wealth exists to guide and support clients throughout their financial life and respond to these changes. We help our clients to create a ‘road map’ for the financial journey of their life, helping them to plan for all that they want whilst considering the things that they don’t! So as and when life events occur our clients are financially prepared.

What is your background?

I have been working in Financial Services for over 25 years. I started as a Financial Adviser and worked my way up the management structure. I established Premier Financial Protection Ltd in 2000 and along with Gabriel Rooney grew the company to become a top 100 UK IFA. This business was sold to St.James’s Place in 2014 where upon PFP Wealth Ltd was started. Over the last four years this business has grown to become one of the largest practices in SJP and continues to grow by providing first class financial planning advice to our many hundreds of personal clients.

"PFP Wealth exists to guide and support clients throughout their financial life and respond to these changes. "

Where do you want the organisation to be in two years’ time?

Managing over £200 Million of client’s assets via our network of 30 highly professional Financial Advisers.

Could you suggest one thing to Government to help business or your organisation growth - what would it be?

Remove the Pension Lifetime allowance cap (LTA). Pension Tax relief can be controlled via contributions and it is draconian to penalise individuals who achieve high investment returns. The current LTA is £1.03M

What affect do you think Brexit will have on the Financial and Professional Services sector?

That rather depends on the impact it will have on the economy. Financial Planning is a long-term strategy, but decisions taken by clients will inevitably reflect the personal micro impact of Brexit. Personally, I expect a short-term downward bounce, but see this more as an investment opportunity for our clients.

What do you do to relax away from the office?

Playing the piano is a great way to relax as well as walking over across the field with the Pippin, our cocker spaniel. As a family we like to watch films and have our own version of question time!

What hobbies do you have?

I write and produce new musicals, play the piano and generally like to keep reasonably fit and healthy

Have you any hidden talents?

I’m sure I do and when I find them, I’ll let you know!

What would you advise yourself if starting out on a career today?

Don’t follow the pack, be true to yourself and remember chasing rainbows is a waste of time

Your final word?

Do the right thing and the right thing will keep giving

To contact PFP Weath in Wirral please call 0151 705 1938 or at ts office Eastham Hall, 109 Eastham Village Road, Eastham CH62 0AF


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