YMCA Wirral's newly relaunched Youth Work Team takes top awards

The new Youth Team at YMCA Wirral has won three top Awards at the Youth Federation Annual Awards Ceremony in Cheshire.

It was successful in being awarded Inspirational Youth Worker Award – George Fletcher, Adult Community Champion Award – Sean Watson, and Education in Youth Work Awards – Community Boats Programme – Nigel Hughes, Sean Watson and George Fletcher

The newly re-established youth team were also runners up in the Regional Youth Clubs “Positive for Youth Award”.

YMCA Wirral CEO Nigel Hughes commented after the awards ceremony, “I cannot praise our two stars – Sean Watson,Youth Team Leader and George Fletcher – I do not exaggerate when I say how proud I felt sat in that huge room full of established and well respected youth clubs and youth professionals, to have the two stars of the evening sat on the YMCA table”.

The new YMCA Youth Work team will provide a wide range of fun and exciting activities. Through structured drop in sessions, workshops and a variety of informal and positive educational activities we offer young people the opportunity to grow and develop both themselves and their local community.

Youth Workers, Sean Watson and George Fletcher are committed to helping young people in Wirral grow, mature and reach their potential as active members of their communities. We do this through structured programmes working with partners, sports work, running community events and supporting local schools.  We are also looking at developing their skills to enable them to compete in the future jobs market, by helping them develop their confidence and attitude towards working life.  Sessional work includes considering jobs they would like and the skills they will need to gain them.

All of YMCA WIrral's youth work is delivered in a fun and relaxed way that is conducive to inspiring young people—whether a young person is looking for a safe place to chill out with their mates, find out about qualifications or volunteering opportunities, get some support to handle an issue or just sit back with a soft drink and a laptop, the YMCA Wirral youth team has something for them.

YMCA WIrral is expanding its capacity to deliver world class sports programs led by internationally renowned Paralympics footballer, George Fletcher, which goes hand in hand with accreditations and training to provide an energetic, useful and reliable service. It is also taking steps to secure the future of young people in the local area and provide the best quality services for them, so that they can provide the most robust future for themselves.

YMCA Wirral works in partnerships, building up trust and confidence in working together. Youth work is no exception, it works with many groups – faith, schools, other youth work services, local council, loads of volunteers and many young people.

As a member of the Wirral Camber of Commerce, its CEO Paua Basnett was delighted to hear the news, "Nigel and all of his team have done great work at the YMCA WIrral and there is no doubt that through committment, enthusiasm and hard work that these awards and the recognition are thoroughly well deserved - Wirral Chamber of Commerce congratulates all of the award winners."

If you would like to get involved as a volunteer for YMCA Wirral or just join in with what is going on - do check www.birkenheadymca.co.uk  and find out what can be done together.

For further information, contact  Nigel Hughes  - 07702 904497



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