Wirral and Manx financial and professional services sectors join forces

The latest joint business forum between Wirral Chamber of Commerce and the Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce took place during April. 

Members of both Chamber’s met in Douglas, the islands capital and financial centre, to participate in the Financial & Professional Services Sector Forum to look at how the respective businesses can share ideas and benefit from networking opportunities.

The forums, which began in February this year, have focussed on a different sector of both Wirral’s and the island’s economies, through presentations and debate in building positive links between the business sectors on the island and in the north west of England.

Led by Gordon Andrews (Bathgate Business Finance and Wirral Chamber F&P Sector Forum Chair) and Frank Rogers (Kirwans Solicitors and Vice Chair of Wirral Chamber F&P Forum Sector) new links have been created and opportunities to work closer together have been formed.  

Gordon Andrews commented, “This was a very positive and open event in which businesses were able to meet and exchange views on the best ways in which new partnerships can be made and how these will work for the benefits of both Wirral and Manx based businesses.”

This view was supported by Stuart Nelson, Chair of the Isle of Man Chamber FPS Committee, who said, “It was great to welcome over the members of the Financial & Professional Sector Forum of the Wirral Chamber of Commerce. A really productive time was had with lots of opportunities to explore for all those involved. We look forward to the reciprocal visit in the coming months, and developing a long-term mutually beneficial relationship.”
Companies visited the island included JF Recruit, Kirwans Solicitors, Inifinty International, Bathgate Business Finance, and Progress to Excellence, who joined with Manx organisations such as Simply Secure Ltd, Barclays, Hamblin Recruitment and Cyber Science, together with representatives from the Manx Government. 

Amongst the topics discussed were the future post-Brexit, recruitment, training, apprenticeships, education and developing future collaboration.

Paula Basnett, CEO Wirral Chamber of Commerce summarised, “This was a very positive event and it brought together many of the leading organisations in both our respective financial and professional services sectors. We will be following up with the contacts made and then working closely with colleagues in the Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce to strengthen those links made and to bring about positive and effective actions in the weeks ahead.”



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