Wirral Chamber member LetHQ are delighted to announce their utility transfer and management tools are now available as part of their online platform.

LetHQ supports their clients with a range of residential and commercial tenant referencing, credit checks and specialist insurance.

The moving process is a trigger point for a multitude of sales opportunities. Informing utility providers of new tenancies can often be a slow and complicated process for both the tenant and landlord/letting agent.

With these exciting new features, the Wallasey based team hope to streamline the entire process making it easier to inform utilities of tenant move-ins and outs and manage void periods. This can also benefit the prospective tenant as the team at LetHQ can assist them by shopping around and finding the most competitive deals on the market for gas, electricity, water and broadband deals. Local councils can also be informed of any new tenancies, of who would be responsible for council tax payments once a new tenant moves into the property.

In the past, this has been a laborious process where letting agents and landlords have had to inform utility providers themselves via traditional methods.

Existing clients both old and new can benefit from this free feature, which will help assist them during the moving and property management process. 

If you are a letting agent or landlord and are interested in setting up a user account or have any further questions, the team at LetHQ would be delighted to speak with you directly.



Tel:  0151 606 5106 Fax: 0845 643 1146 Email: info@LetHQ.co.uk Website: www.LetHQ.co.uk


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