Wirral Chamber launches start up awareness business sessions

You think you have a great idea. You would like to start your own business - so what do you do next?

Wirral Chamber of Commerce, supported through ERDF funding, has launched a series of Start Up Awareness Sessions which will be the perfect place to begin the first steps of a business start journey.

Employed or unemployed, facing redundancy or a parent returning to work. these fully funded start-up sessions will  answer questions and give a clear idea about the key areas to be thinking about, the preparation and planning involved in making a business successful.

Wirral Chamber has designed the sessions to be friendly and informative concentrating on  the core skills needed in setting up, running and preparing a business to be investment ready in a range of key areas, such as business and financial  planning, together with looking at personal survival  budgets.

Wirral Chamber CEO, Paula Basnett, highlighted the importance of supporting the development of new enterprise in Wirral, "We have launched the first six sessions to help those people with great business ideas make the first steps in creating and sustaining their own businesses. It is vital that support is available to encourage, mentor and guide new and innovative small companies on their first steps to success and Wirral Chamber is committed to providing this support."

By attending any of the sessions not only will participants be able to identify the customers they will need to target, but will also learn how to create a marketing strategy, and be supported to access finance through a start-up loan if needed.  The sessions will help in providing answers to questions, such as:

  • Do you have a feasible business idea and will it work?
  • What legal matters will you need to consider?
  • What working capital is needed and what taxes will you pay?
  • How can you build your confidence and personal development?
  • Can you access a start-up loan to get your business off to its best start?
  • and much more to help you on your way...

Further support will be delivered through group sessions, face to face business adviser support and a suite of online resources, including tools, templates and tutorials.

This web-based package of features, along with continued mentoring will help to equip would be entrepreneurs with the skills to run and manage a business successfully, not only at the start but also as it grows.

Wirral Chamber of Commerce Start-Up Sessions are taking place on the following dates:

  • 26th March 6pm – 9pm (The Lauries) click here for registration
  • 3rd April 9-30am – 12-30pm (The Lauries) click here for registration
  • 22nd April 6pm – 9pm (Egerton House) click here for registration
  • 30th April 9-30am – 12-30pm (The Lauries) click here for registration
  • 20th May 6pm – 9pm (Egerton House) click here for registration
  • 21st May 9-30am – 12-30pm (The Lauries) click here for registration

The sessions will be held at these locations:

The Lauries Centre, 142 Claughton Road, Birkenhead CH416EY and Egerton House, 2 Tower Road, Birkenhead CH411FN



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