UK Government Release Full Industrial Strategy Green Paper

A full Green Paper report has been released this afternoon by the UK Government outlining Prime Minister Theresa May's Industrial Strategy. The 130-page report prioritises key sectors and looks to drive growth in towns, cities and local areas across the country. The local focus is welcome and recognises the combined campaigning activities of the Accredited Chamber Network during ongoing consultation with Greg Clark, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.  As well as detailing government strategy objectives, the report announces new funding for the Northern Powerhouse in a continued attempt to rebalance the UK economy away from London and the South East.

Adam Marshall, Director General of the BCC said

"The developing Industrial Strategy represents a crucial first milestone in a renewed partnership between business and government, working together to create the conditions for future growth."

“Business communities across the UK will be pleased to see that harnessing the potential of our cities, towns and counties lies at the heart of the government's approach to Industrial Strategy. There are dynamic business communities in every corner of the UK - and it is their future success that will make our country more competitive and more prosperous."

"Given the significant skills gaps that so many firms continue to face, the Industrial Strategy's strong emphasis on boosting technical and further education will be cheered by companies and business communities alike, whatever their location or sector."

"We look forward to engaging with government to develop these proposals further, and ensure that the specific needs and interests of the UK's diverse business communities are at its heart. A deliberate and steady approach that leads to long-term change is the right way to go."

To Read The Full Report Click Below (PDF)

The British Chambers of Commerce has been directly engaged in the development of the Industrial Strategy Green paper with Secretary of State Greg Clark, and continues to facilitate direct engagement between government and local Chamber business communities across the United Kingdom.


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