Top Tips To Increase Sales Through LinkedIn

You’d be hard-pressed to find a salesperson in the UK that doesn’t have an active LinkedIn account – but whereas they may be using their accounts to network with friends, and maybe even find prospects, the vast majority could be getting so much more out of this business tool.

“Social selling” is the hottest trend in selling. Unlike other tired selling techniques, such as cold calling and unsolicited email, LinkedIn enables a salesperson to engage a prospect at a much more personal level.

Our e-book “LINKEDIN THE SANDLER WAY,” available as a free download, which outlined 25 tips on how salespeople can use LinkedIn to boost revenue. Tips include:

  • Lead with insights:  If you come across a dynamite article that speaks to something your prospects care about, take the time to forward it to them.  If you struggle with finding content, a few minutes each day searching LinkedIn Pulse or other industry news sites can have a big impact.
  • Make them feel understood:  As in many personal relationships, sometimes the best thing you can say to prospects is nothing at all.  Take the time to listen to what they hope to gain from a purchase or what specific hurdles they’re facing.
  • Play matchmaker:  Use the broad professional network you’ve built to spot people who aren’t connected yet but could mutually benefit from being introduced.  When you broker this type of introduction, you’ve added value for two people simultaneously.
  • Make your prospect look good:  If you’ve been following your prospects on LinkedIn, you likely have developed a sense of their goals and motivations.  If you can help them further their career goals, they’ll be more likely to help you with yours.
  • Provide a solution that doesn’t involve buying anything:  If you really want to show sales prospects how much you care; put your experience to work on a problem that doesn’t have a sales solution – it’s about building a relationship

LinkedIn is a largely untapped tool, which has not yet become part of a sales team’s daily culture, but has a huge scope to redefine how salespeople can approach prospecting and selling online – starting with these tips, coupled with LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator application, and you could soon reap the benefits of social selling.


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