The Spice Pioneer ready to spice up meals

While picture postcards can revive memories, it is harder to recreate the atmosphere, the aromas and the tastes of faraway places. The Spice Pioneer, a new Wirral based company led by Matt Webster, now makes it possible to conjure up the magic of Morocco or the excitement of India in your own kitchen.

The Spice Pioneer arrives as an extension of Seasoned Pioneers, a 20-year-old company with an established and unsurpassed reputation for discovering, sourcing and blending fine authentic and specialist spices from around the world.

Seasoned Pioneers supplies a number of select and respected food stores, farm shops and delis, but with The Spice Pioneer, Matt hopes to introduce worldwide cuisines to a whole new market. He said  “We are trying to make it easier for those who are already happy to cook and experiment with spices, and, at the same time, take away the stress of combining new flavours and ingredients for those who aren’t. For anyone who finds the idea of using spices and spice blends intimidating, this is a great opportunity to demystify the whole process.”

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The Spice Pioneer will take people on a journey around the world, introducing them to spices and recipes with a food flavour box – delivered to the door- to which they can subscribe or give as a gift.

The box contains recipes for a meal of several dishes along with all the spices and seasonings - the recipes have been crafted to ensure that the main ingredients (fish, meat, vegetables etc.) are easy to source from local shops and supermarkets.

In addition to the spices, The Spice Pioneer sends a postcard about his adventures to conjure up the spirit and atmosphere of fascinating places, great for a night in or a themed evening with friends.

Matt added, “Dining is about more than just the food. The colours, aromas and sounds of a setting also make the experience. With this in mind, The Spice Pioneer has created a playlist that customers can stream, inspired by the locations where the spices and recipes originate, and create a fun food adventure. We think of The Spice Pioneer as a globetrotter, and although he might lose a train ticket, miss a flight or be somewhere totally unexpected, it ends up with evocative and interesting experiences with which to regale the customer.”

Supplying just the right amount of spices for each dish means customers do not need to go out and buy expensive jars of spices they might never use again.

Matt summarised the initiative, “Our seasonings are of a far superior quality to those you will find in jars in the supermarket. We bring customers ideas and inspiration. Together with fine, authentic spices and seasonings to create fantastic food. With these tools, they can share the experiences and culinary expertise acquired by The Spice Pioneer on the global adventures.”

For more information visit or contact Matt Webster on 0151 343 1122

Celebrity praise for Seasoned Pioneers

* In her book, How to Cheat at Cooking, (published in 2008), Delia Smith used no less than ten of Seasoned Pioneers spice blends and seasonings in her easy to make recipes. In the accompanying BBC TV series Delia actually filmed at Seasoned Pioneers!

* In Rick Stein’s book ‘India’ Seasoned Pioneers were mentioned as one of his recommended spice suppliers.



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