Tackling alcohol-related harm in Wirral

CPL Training Group and Wirral Council have collaborated to create an online training initiative, to promote the responsible sale and consumption of alcohol within licensed premises. Funded by the council, the training package has been distributed to 26 chosen sites, all of which comprising of on and off-trade businesses in Wirral.

The council called on CPL Training Group, one of the largest training providers in the hospitality sector, to develop the online training package, which aims to help staff apply new skills to reduce alcohol-related harm, especially in relation to underage drinking and anti-social behaviour. Wirral Council is the first local authority in England and Wales to introduce such measures, which is set to provide training for 100 local employees.

The package features four e-learning courses: Conflict Management, Award for Licensed Premises Staff, Underage Sales Prevention, and Drinkaware’s Vulnerability Awareness (only available to on-trade employees). If the initiative is successful after 12 months, the council plan to make training more accessible to licensees who are in need of support.

“The training is an investment in those working in the licensed trade, recognising the importance of their role in making a difference to the impact of alcohol in our community,” said Margaret O’Donnell, licensing manager for Wirral Council.

She added: “The training will provide those working in the licensed trade with the knowledge and skills that will promote the responsible sale of alcohol and in turn reduce incidents of alcohol-related harm. We want to ensure that staff working in licensed premises know what the law is when selling alcohol and they have the confidence to refuse to serve individuals who are drunk or underage. We hope that through training we can change the culture of drinking and reduce the harm caused by alcohol in Wirral.”

Daniel Davies, chief executive of CPL Training group, said: “It’s a pleasure to be partnering with Wirral Council to tackle alcohol-related harm. Education is the essential tool that can be leveraged to drive down alcohol-related incidents in and around licensed premises. By developing core skills and knowledge, I am confident we can have a measurable impact and help to make our communities safer.”

Drinkaware, an independent charity working to reduce alcohol misuse and harm in the UK, welcomed the inclusion of its e-learning course, which will be available to the on-trade sites. Rommel Moseley, director of business development and partnerships, said: “Drinkaware is committed to working with partners to develop new and innovative ways to help tackle the harms caused by alcohol and to help keep people safe on a night out. We are delighted that Wirral Council are making the Drinkaware Alcohol Vulnerability Awareness course available to local operators.”

The course is part of our commitment to helping operators to achieve their responsible alcohol retailing goals and gives customer-facing staff the skills and knowledge to identify alcohol-related vulnerability and to support customers at risk from harm.”
The sites will have access to the online package for one year, after which point Wirral Council plan to review its impact and encourage other licensees to take training measures as a response to alcohol-related harm.



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