Six month milestone for MovingSoon Apprentice

MovingSoon apprentice, Anna Croft celebrated a six-month milestone with the business in March.  Since September, Anna has been busy as the first full-time employee for the company.

The period has been a steep learning curve for Anna, for whom, this is her first business administration role, but she has taken it in her stride.  Anna says:

“Learning how to liaise and communicate with clients has given me the confidence to progress in sales and sales support which I did not have prior to starting this apprenticeship. I believe that this has therefore strengthened my skills and employability.  This has been challenging but I am glad that I am able to be challenged in my work as it enables me to grow”.

As an SME, it was a big decision to bring in a full-time employee.  Paul wanted to ensure that the role went to someone passionate about succeeding but he also wanted to provide an opportunity for someone who wanted to break into business and social housing.  Offering an apprenticeship was the best cause of action. Founder, Paul Malone says:

“Having an apprentice has allowed us to focus on key parts of the business, such as prospecting, research and sales.  Anna has added a lot to the business with an ability to turn around the much-needed administration but she has also been a great benefit, providing much needed fresh eyes and offering suggestions and feedback crucial to the operating of the business”.

If you are considering an apprenticeship, it is important to find the right training provider.  MovingSoon have partnered with Progress to Excellence who has offered on-site support and have been very helpful with the whole process from recruitment to training.


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