Doing what they do best, Wirral Chamber of Commerce facilitated the introduction of Real Sphere Eco World Limited and ApprovedPPE Limited. Together these innovative, Wirral based businesses created a unique coronavirus solution for Raeburn Primary School.

Reaburn Primary School is a larger than average primary school nestled in the heart of Bromborough on the beautiful Wirral peninsula. With over 420 enrolled pupils ensuring the maximum possible COVID-19 protection for the students and the staff was a critical project.

When the school contacted ApprovedPPE the needed a method to quickly and efficiently sanitise classrooms before and after school and during break-times. By using the Real Sphere Eco World product OCCIDERE in conjunction with a fogging machine, ApprovedPPE were able to recommend a solution that would sanitise all surfaces in an entire classroom, in a matter of minutes and with a drying time of just thirty seconds.

OCCIDERE is a Surface Sanitiser developed on the Wirral, demonstrates proven efficacy at 30 seconds against SARS2 COVID-19 and all other known enveloped viruses and bacteria; Occidere is UK laboratory tested and passed to BS/EN 14476:2013 + A2:2019 and BS/EN 1276:2019

“It is very gratifying to see companies on the Wirral working together to help people on the Wirral” – T.Mistry CEO ApprovedPPE


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