ApprovedPPE helps Wirral Council protect customers and staff from COVID-19
ApprovedPPE has been working with Wirral Council since the start of the pandemic providing personal protective equipment (PPE) to the frontline workers.

It was announced that Birkenhead Town Hall was to reopen to register Births, Death and Marriages.  The Town Hall recommended that all Civil Offices had to protect the customers and staff from infection and it was agreed that separation screens had to be fitted throughout.

Due to the difficulty obtaining materials during the early stages of the pandemic, ApprovedPPE was asked to help.  The problem was obtaining the acrylic or perspex within the allotted timescale.  A tentative date of the first week in August was given by all other suppliers who tendered for the project. ApprovedPPE located the materials, identified a manufacturer and worked with Wirral Council to complete the job requested with 72 hours.

This enabled the Town Hall to open with confidence to protect all staff and whoever entered the building before the deadline of the 1st August.  Wirral Council were delighted with the work carried out by ApprovedPPE.

ApprovedPPE Limited is a Wirral company, looking to meet the needs of local businesses by supplying or brokering Personal Protective Equipment that is sourced, manufactured or assembled locally.


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