Paula Basnett Writes Open Letter of Appreciation to Wirral Borough Council

Wirral Chamber of Commerce CEO, Paula Basnett has written an Open Letter of appreciation to Paul Satoor, Chief Executive at Wirral Borough Council.

The letter says:
"I write to you on behalf of our Wirral Business Community, to extend our thanks for the support that Wirral Borough Council was able to provide throughout initial emergency phase of the COVID-19 pandemic.   
"The economic recovery funding & grants schemes announced by government, have been a huge help for many of our businesses. Without the speedy response in delivering these grants from Wirral Borough Council, many of our businesses would not be operating today. 
"Wirral Borough Council and Wirral Chamber staff have and continue to work side-by-side in the interests of protecting jobs and supporting struggling businesses. Having worked closely with Alan Evans and his team, we have witnessed first-hand the dedication of council officers to support local people and businesses. This has been a significant reassurance and gives confidence to businesses locally.  
"The partnership between Wirral Chamber of Commerce and Wirral Borough Council has never been stronger and we look forward to continuing building upon this in the future.  
"As ever, Wirral Chamber of Commerce is committed to continuing our supporting to businesses and working closely with Wirral Borough Council to ensure that Wirral has the best support available to them."


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