Leading UK motivational speaker Brad Burton to star at Royal Liver Building show

The UK’s leading motivational speaker and self-styled business guru Brad Burton is set to bring his ‘Now What?’ roadshow to Liverpool.1

The ‘rags to riches’ showman and founder of international business networking group 4Networking will be joined by a team of handpicked and inspirational speakers for a high-octane performance at the Royal Liver Building on Saturday, May 12.

Brad, who has written four best-selling business books, is a regular contributor on national TV and radio. 4Networking is the largest joined-up business network organisation in the UK, running more than 5,000 meets a year nationwide.

The ‘larger than life’ Salford lad, profiled by national newspapers including The Times and Guardian for his ‘shrewd business brain’, is also a former keynote speaker at the Great British Expo, the largest business show in the UK.

Heswall creative design agency Whitfield Business Support is leading the launch of ‘Now What?’ in the North West. Directors Nik Ellis and Justine McLaughlin said Brad’s energetic show will be compelling and inspirational, helping those at a crossroads in life or business.

“I was blown away by the energy and inspiration flowing from Brad when we first met,” said Nik. “We are thrilled to be working together and to be bringing Brad to Liverpool for the first time. The whole purpose of the ‘What Now?’ show is to provide the audience with tools, solutions and tips to make the very most of their talent and ability, so they can take their business and life to another level.

“Brad has an amazing personal backstory to share and his accomplishments with 4Networking are hugely impressive. ‘Now What?’ will really appeal to a Liverpool audience, who respond well to passion and enthusiasm. Brad will be supported by a diverse range of other superb acts and we expect people to be bouncing out of the room.”

“Described as a national treasure by the founder of Costa Express, Scott Martin, Bran also provided the foreword to Business Networking For Dummies by Stefan Thomas, former Network Director of 4Networking. The book contains a number of references to 4Networking and to Burton's role as founder.”

Other performers taking to the stage on May 12 include celebrated sales trainer Benjamin Dennehy, multi award winning motivational speaker Zoe Bennett, published author and business growth coach Croz Crossley and Manchester’s MC Trigga.

Digital media firm Whitfield Business Support, appointed to unleash the ‘Now What?’ tour in Liverpool and is providing broader support with design, marketing and event organisation.

Justine said: “We have an electric line up for May 12. It promises to be a riveting evening packed with stories and anecdotes to focus, inspire and motivate the audience to make positive changes in business and life. Benjamin Dennehy is described tongue-in-cheek as ‘the UK’s most hated sales trainer’ and has worked with some of the most successful sales teams in London. Meanwhile, Zoe Bennett will bring her inspirational story to help the audience find their inner motivation, strategy and drive for success.

“Croz Crossley is known as the ‘Mindset Technician’ with a unique approach educating people about the power they exert over their own future. Finally, Manchester’s MC Trigga’s troubled past helped hone his business instincts. He’s lucky to be alive but hasn’t wasted any time in the last few years working with a host of major names across the UK’s music scene.”

The event begins runs from 8.30am to 4pm on Saturday May 12. For more information on tickets visit www.nowwhatlive.com  For more information on Brad Burton visit www.bradburton.biz

For more information of Whitfield Business Hub visit the website: www.whitfieldbusiness.co.uk or call 0151 342 0679.


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