Launch of the health and wellbeing centric meal business Rossi & Rossi

Launch of the health and wellbeing centric meal business Rossi & Rossi is making strides in tackling new markets and believes its high-quality, nutritionally dense meal ranges now provide customers who want the convenience and the option to enjoy affordable, restaurant quality meals in a ready to eat format. As well as truly healthy meal ranges which include low carb, vegan and breakfast ranges, Rossi & Rossi also produce complimentary snacks and smoothies made from natural locally sourced ingredients. All meals are freshly cooked by seasoned chefs with new menus released every two weeks to keep things exciting. Rossi & Rossi are passionate about food and carefully research ingredients that promote wellness, wellbeing and health.

As well as catering to the public with their physical store on Dock Road and newly launched website with online order and delivery service for the Liverpool and Wirral area, one area of focus where Rossi & Rossi wants to have a positive impact is in the business sector by working with local businesses to provide employers the services required to facilitate providing healthy food options to staff for the improvement of general health and wellbeing.

Figures taken from the 2017 Britain's Healthiest Workplace survey has found that health related lost productivity is costing the UK economy an estimated £77.5 billion, which would reduce significantly with adequate investment in health and wellbeing.

With up to 25% of the UK’s working age population suffer from a long-term condition. Key UK health organisations have highlighted that weight related health problems are responsible for both a significant loss of productivity and increased absence from work.

Research from the same 2017 survey which comprises of a study of almost 32,000 workers across all UK industries, has revealed that employees lose, on average, the equivalent of 30.4 days of productive time each year as they take time off sick and underperform in the office as a result of ill-health (otherwise known as presenteeism).

Given that if we work full time, what we eat at work generally provides at least 60% of our total daily intake in an average working day. Consequently, workplace nutrition has the potential to significantly impact on our health. This reinforces how imperative it is that good quality food is available in the workplace and how organisations can offer powerful channels to support behavior change and healthier practices.

By improving the health of workers, employers can benefit by reducing absenteeism, facilitating more engaged and productive employees, reduced accidents and injuries, retaining workforce and enhancing the company reputation. The harnessing of wellbeing programs has the potential to improve workplace culture as well as workplace health by developing a closer congruence between employer and employee value, thus increasing the satisfaction level of employees. Demonstrating a sense of corporate social responsibility can also improve an organisation’s image with the public and can help an organisation become an “employer of choice”.

What is more is that productivity gains are likely to more than offset the costs of implementing interventions. C3 Collaborating for Health reviewed the evidence of effectiveness for workplace health initiatives at IBM and Intel over a 3 year period and in both cases report a positive return on investment.

Rossi & Rossi can work with your organisation to provide a meal service for your business that can be tailored to your requirements to fit in with your health and wellbeing initiative. If you are interested and would like to know more and discuss this further, please get in touch at Corporate discounts available for Wirral Chamber members.

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