Ideal Modular Homes and Youngman Lovell collaborate on a bespoke range of luxury homes

Liverpool manufacturer, Ideal Modular Homes, has collaborated with Youngman Lovell, London-based designers, to design a bespoke range of beautiful new homes specifically for their own developments across the UK. The new luxury homes will be bright, open and range from a two bed, two storey home to a four bed, two storey home. 

The scope of works for the project, named Barn House, includes design detailing, manufacturing and the installation of modular homes. The proposed structure will mean that each house will be constructed and delivered as two complete modules. 

Utilising a complete volumetric system, Ideal will be using their Timber Frame system for the project to offset emissions in construction. This system enables them to produce a sustainable, economical and structurally sound solution to delivering the project for Youngman Lovell. Due to the way that carbon dioxide is sequestered from the air, the overall carbon footprint for a timber frame building is lowered by up to 75%. 

This system has been designed from the ground up to be as cost and time efficient as possible. Volumetric construction not only offers an unrivalled quality product from a controlled environment, but it also means that homes are developed up to 50% more efficiently than traditional built homes. 

All homes will be designed and constructed in accordance with Build Off-site Property Assurance Scheme (BOPAS), a risk based evaluation, demonstrating that an Ideal home, built from non-traditional methods and materials, will stand the test of time for at least 60 years.

Luke Barnes, CEO at Ideal Modular Homes, said:

“We are really excited to introduce this new design, created in collaboration with Youngman Lovell, for beautiful, carbon neutral and cost effective homes across their own developments. Built to a high quality in just four days off site, these homes can be delivered and installed on site in eight hours. 

These homes have been designed to suit new consumer demand and reflect modern living. With the pandemic, we’re all spending a lot more time at home, and we’ve all realised that there is a link between quality housing and good health and wellbeing. New homes need to be designed with this in mind and that’s what we’ve done here with Youngman Lovell.”

Harry Lovell, Director at Youngman Lovell, said:

“Youngman Lovell is delighted to have collaborated with Ideal Modular Homes to create the Barn House. We share a vision and ethos and together have designed the house of the future for today, where beauty, sustainability and affordability are at the heart of everything we do."



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