Award-winning Revitalaser Medical Skin Care Clinic in Heswall has just finalised a deal to be the exclusive provider on the Wirral of a ground-breaking new treatment to improve general health and wellbeing.  

The innovative therapy, thinAir AIHT (Adaptive Intermittent Hypoxic Training) can dramatically improve conditions such as inflammation and sports injury, provide pain relief, promote deeper and more restorative sleep, extend a healthy lifespan and change your life for the better. 

Director, Andrea Mappouridis comments “I take great pride in the fact that Revitalaser always stays at the forefront of technological progress in the fast-paced world of health and beauty, and am delighted to offer thinAir AIHT - a cutting edge therapy that will improve health, slow down the ageing process and even boost weight loss, and all this is achieved while you just lie there, breathe deeply and relax.” 

The thinAir AIHT therapy gives the possibility of many years of healthy life. This is the very latest, state of the art method of improving general health, with no drugs or surgery, just breathing. The human body is a self-restorative system and the ThinAir therapy gives it the chance to restore itself to its optimum fitness.

Revitalaser is holding a thinAir AIHT launch event on Thursday 3rd October from 4.30pm to 6.30 pm, with drinks and nibbles. thinAir AIHT designer Chris Kavanagh will be on hand to explain the amazing benefits of this progressive new technology and share some of the hundreds of testimonials from people who have experienced its life-changing effects for themselves.

Tickets cost £8 and can be purchased from Revitalaser in person, or you can pay over the telephone (0151 342 2409). The ticket cost can be offset against the cost of a thinAir AIHT treatment packageRevitalaser is located on Telegraph Road in Heswall, opposite Heswall Library. For enquiries email info@revita-laser.co.uk.


Andrea Mappouridis, Director, Revitalaser Medical Skin Care Clinic

Telephone : 0151 342 2409 or (Mobile) 07739957034

Email : info@revita-laser.co.uk



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