DVANA releases free tool to help reduce debt

Business and Management Consultancy, DVANA, has announced the immediate release of the new Simple Debt Repayment Accelerator™ (S-DRA™).

The need to be financially secure and minimise debt is something everyone worries about, to that end, DVANA have released a new paper based toolkit. The toolkit helps individuals, families, sole traders and businesses, both large and small create a simple way to pay back debts.

“We created the tool specifically to make it simple and straightforward to work off any and all outstanding debts. All too often time is spent on ineffectual repayments, which only lead people further into debt. We created the S-DRA, to help any and every one after Christmas,” said Dr Katherine Bean PhD, managing director at DVANA.

She added, “It’s so easy to overspend and then regret it later. We provide the structure and the method to make it easy. You provide the determination.”

The S-DRA™ is immediately available from the DVANA website at http://dvana.com, there are links from the Library Section or at http://dvana.com/library/article/simple-debt-repayment-accelerator.

Dr Bean added, “DVANA usually provide our wide range of products, services and tools to help businesses. We’re making an exception here, as we think it’s important to help the community too. We’re all about making your business better. Merry Christmas with a Happy and Prosperous New Year.”

More information on DVANA’s products or DVANA can be found at dvana.com.


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