Crowne Plaza goes green with B&M Waste Services

Crowne Plaza are an international chain of high-end hotels, with headquarters based in the United Kingdom. The company was founded in 1983 and has since expanded at a rapid rate, with hotels all across the globe being opened constantly to the extent at which they now boast over 420 sites, typically situated in city centres, towns or near major airports. Sustainability has been a key focus of the company and working with Carbon Neutral B&M Waste services to develop sustainable waste reduction, recycling and management strategies has assisted int eh achievement of this goal.

Most recently, Crowne Plaza recently opened a brand new 338 room hotel in the city centre of Manchester. During the construction and pre-launch stages, the Crowne Plaza team worked with B&M Waste Services to ensure the most effective and environmentally-friendlt waste strategy was implemented from the get-go.

James Durris of Crowne Plaza explained the decision to choose B&M Waste by saying; “Mark came out to site, performed a full audit and the proposal offered us something completely different and in line with what we wanted to achieve. The level of care and understanding was leagues above every other proposal including segregation of all waste using an easy to follow colour coding system, cardboard baler and internal bins on each floor for segregation”.

Mark Millington, Business Development Manager at B&M Waste, was equally pleased to begin a working parternship with Crowne Plaza, saying; “We are delighted to help such a prestigous company such as Crowne Plaza in achieving their goals with regards to waste management, and striving to boost the sustainability of this brand new and impressive site in Manchester City Centre. We look forward to working with Crowne Plaza for many years to come!”

James Durris also pointed out that Mark is always available via phone or in person to help with any issues that may arise, saying; “I would certainly recommend Mark and B&M Waste to any other hotel in the area!”


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