CPL Online launches latest ‘e-Learning Manual Handling course

Headquartered in Merseyside, CPL Online, a technology and software company, who specialise in developing L&D products and applications, has confirmed the launch of the Manual Handling e-Learning course. Complete with big data analytics and the latest e-Learning methods, the course was released on 1st June and aims to reduce handling injuries in the workplace. Consisting of four modules, Manual Handling is highly recommended for all staff involved in handling operations.

During the development of the ‘Next Generation’ series, the decision was made to build the e-Learning range for mobile. This feature serves as an accessible approach to online training: “Everyone has their own ways of learning. It’s not the case nowadays that every learner has to sit at a desktop computer and complete a course in one sitting. Mobile learning provides great flexibility – breaking up the educational process and allowing each user to pick up exactly where they left off.” explained David Dasher, Managing Director of CPL Online.

Within the e-Learning industry, there is a growing trend to include features, such as gamification and 2D & 3D animation. The features, which are proving to be highly effective in reinforcing key learning messages, have become vital aspects of the ‘Next Generation’ series. The extensive use of animated videos and ‘Check Your Knowledge’ gamification has resulted in a high-level of engagement – stimulating action to succeed.

Dasher, who has been Managing Director of CPL Online since 2010, said: “The inclusion of these features helps us meet the needs of each learner. Some find it easier to retain information by watching animated videos, yet others benefit greatly from gamification – stimulating their competitive edge. Both features are proving to be extremely effective in connecting with the learners’ emotions. It’s important preparation for real life situations.”

The Language Translation feature has been included to improve course success rates for non-native English speakers. The tool instantly translates a summary of each page into a vast selection of the world’s most spoken languages.

With an impressive ability in data analytics, CPL Online has a Big Data Platform – powered by HPCC Systems® (LexisNexis® Risk Solutions). It has enabled CPL Online to add an advanced Tracking facility to the ‘Next Generation’ courses. CPL’s clients can track staff performance, mouse clicks, and movements to analyse learner interaction, trends, and feedback. Suspicious activity can also be monitored by assessing completion times and questions answered.

Available on CPL’s Learning Management System and Console Mobile App, Manual Handling has been endorsed by the BIIAB (British Institute of Innkeeping Awarding Body) and aims to educate learners by covering the following topics:

  • The general knowledge and principles surrounding manual handling legislation
  • The factors that contribute to injury
  • How to prevent the occurrence of injury
  • Employers’ responsibility – risk assessments & controls

Dasher continued: “Manual handling is a vital aspect of any business. Statistics released by the Labour Force Survey show that it’s responsible for a third of all workplace injuries. It’s also estimated that 909,000 working days are lost due to handling injuries per year. Consequently, it’s important we help to minimise workplace incidents by providing the best tools to understand this subject. We hope to see a positive impact on our clients’ staff – implementing what they’ve learnt in everyday working life.”


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