Business Rates Grant enables C&L Covers to bring staff back early

Like many businesses C&L Covers has been impacted by the Covid-19 outbreak.  But, with the support of a Government Business Rates Grant it has enabled the company to bring staff back early from the Job Retention Scheme.

Established in Wallasey since 2016, C&L Covers has been a major supplier of bespoke designed and manufactured roll cage covers, doors, pump truck bags, end of aisle waste bags primarily utilised for the warehousing and distribution sector, together with catering trolley covers, laundry liners/covers, hotel/restaurant roll cage covers and event hire and fridge equipment covers for catering and laundry use.

Recognising the urgent need for people to still be able to travel in safety to essential appointments and for organisations and taxi drivers to be safe delivering services, C&L Covers utilised the time in diversifying and identifying its production outputs in designing and creating a new PVC Vehicle Interior Dividing Screen.

Lisa Murray, MD and Carl O’Neill, Manager of C&L Covers recognised the importance of getting this equipment up and running as soon as possible, he said, “Particularly at this time, our PVC Vehicle Interior Dividing Screen has been made with safety in mind, and as such it is Ideally suited to create a clear barrier between driver and passenger in uses such as taxi transportation.”

C&L Covers have manufactured the protection screen to fit almost any car, make or model, with the PVC covers made from a durable PVC material, flame retardant and wipe-clean and is easily removed when not in use.

Carl O’Neill added, “The panel adds an extra layer between passengers and driver, with a black PVC panel at the bottom with a hatch for passing through money or card payment. It can be easily attached to car headrests causing no lasting damage to the vehicle and just adds an additional area of safety.”

C&L Covers began manufacturing the PVC Vehicle Interior Dividing Screen during April and has now sold over 300 units nationally to individuals, self-employed taxi drivers and other organisations that support the most vulnerable in society, also donating three screens to the local NHS to support its on-call doctors.

C&L Covers was supported and advised by Wirral Chamber of Commerce, which has been at the forefront in offering business help by setting up a dedicated team to advise and guide about the initiatives which have been made available to support both industry and commerce during the Covid-19 crisis.  Paula Basnett, CEO of Wirral Chamber of Commerce commented, “It is important that our business community is made fully aware if what help is available and how best they can apply for this support.  We have been active online through our website and social media in contacting those businesses which have needed help.  C&L Covers has risen to the challenge this crisis has brought to our country and Wirral Chamber of Commerce was delighted to assist the company in its key production of such vital equipment.”


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