B&M Waste Services are now Neo 50 Members

B&M Waste Services are proud to announce that they are now Neo 50 members, supporting local Wirral charity, Neo Community.

Neo Community was founded in 2013 and supports the local community through offering surplus food, assistance and support to those in need. Through their dedicated team of staff and volunteers, Neo has supported over 100 community events across Wirral, and is now a well-known support to many.

To continue the vital work that they carry out across the community, Neo launched their ‘Neo 50 Club’. The project is asking 50 businesses to sign up as founding members of the ‘Neo 50’, pledging a small monthly amount to secure the future of the charity. The money from the pledge will also support an additional 12 projects a year, with a grant of up to £2,500.

B&M Waste Services recently launched a new food waste collection service across the North West, investing in state of the art technology and vehicles to ensure that businesses can enjoy a greener service for their food waste.

With a pledge to ensure zero waste to landfill, food waste collected by B&M is processed via Anaerobic Digestion to produce sustainable energy. This is a natural process where plant and animal materials are broken down by micro-organisms in the absence of air. Naturally, occurring micro-organisms digest the biomass which releases a methane-rich gas that can be used to generate renewable heat and power. This helps cut fossil fuel use and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The remaining material can then be used as a fertiliser.

Commenting on the new partnership, Jayne Kennedy of B&M Waste Services, said: “We are delighted to have joined the Neo 50 Club. Despite Anaerobic Digestion being a fantastic alternative to landfill, reducing food waste and donating to charities such as Neo Community, is the most sustainable option. It’s great to see food waste being used for such as positive scheme and I urge other businesses to support Neo Community in whatever way possible.”

Find out more about B&M Waste by clicking here and Neo Community by clicking here.


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