Auger steps in for support group

The WEB Merseyside (Women’s Enterprise Breakthrough) organisation was in desperate need of new furniture at its headquarters in Corporation Road, Birkenhead, when one of its local sponsors Auger stepped in when it was moving premises.

Auger - a Wallasey-based drainage and water supply pipe specialist serving the insurance industry - donated its furniture to fully equip the offices with chairs, desks, cabinets and storage space.

Manager at WEB Merseyside Bernie King, said:

“This has made all the difference to us. Making the offices comfortable, and creating a warm and efficient environment means we can do more for those we support.

“Auger has been a great sponsor of ours over a number of years but this has gone above and beyond what we could expect. We’d like to thank them for making the lives of everyone so much easier who work with us.”

David Brewster, managing director of Auger, said:

“As a company deeply rooted in this area we want to support WEB Merseyside in any way we can and we thought this was a constructive, practical way of doing that. They do great work, contributing valuable help for women, men and children in the local community who would not otherwise receive it.”

Set up by local women in 1993, WEB Merseyside has grown from a small network of local women into a community-based organisation that supports women, men and children suffering from loneliness, depression, anxiety and low self-esteem providing self-development courses, counselling support, and advice. 

For under 18s, it also runs special young women’s and boys’ groups offering activities from arts and crafts to games, self-defence and relaxation classes from its play and community centre at Gautby Road, Birkenhead.

Auger, founded in 1994, recently moved into its new premises in Cross Lane from its previous location at Scotia House, Kelvinside, Wallasey.


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