Articulated Jib Crane For Leading International Parcel Delivery Service Provider


Our customer needed a solution to aid their operatives in transferring maintenance plant/tooling from the basement level to the ground floor of which the only access prior to installation of the jib crane was from stairs.


The customer was trying to lift maintenance equipment from the basement to the ground floor through a roller shutter door, therefore any solution would need to extend/transfer in and out of the building.

The suitability of building structure limited the options of mounting and as the customer was using this for infrequent maintenance operations they did not want anything that would obstruct the floor space so a free-standing crane was not preferred.


Our sales engineers worked with the customer to specify one of our articulated jib cranes that with the unique two arm “knuckle” arrangement allows for a much bigger working area coverage over conventional underbraced & overbraced jib cranes.

The articulated jib crane was supplied with a mounting bracket that allowed it to be mounted onto the customer’s existing vertical column in the corner of the room, which was verified to take the imposed loadings from the jib crane.

The mounting location of the jib was ideal as it did not affect the customer’s floor space and when not in use can easily be folded up against the wall.

The jib crane was supplied with a 3 m overall jib arm radius, which consists of two 1.5 m length arm sections. The first arm of the jib crane allows for a 180 degree manual slew and the “forearm” allows for an additional 300 degree slew, which in this case was utilised to extend out of the building.

The jib was accompanied with an electric chain hoist complete with dual lifting speeds for increase control when transferring the plant/equipment out of the basement.

The jib crane was designed and manufactured by our own technical and fabrication teams right here in the United Kingdom.


“It’s great to see a project go from that initial conversation with the customer about their requirements, through the design & approval drawing stage, to the finished installation/solution on their site and even better when that solution is designed and manufactured in the UK."


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