Making Liscard a cleaner and safer place to visit and work

Since they started their patrols in August last year the ‘Love Liscard’ Town Hosts have become the visible, industrious and most of all friendly faces of Liscard. Visit the town centre and you can’t miss the effect that their hard work and dedication is having in creating a cleaner and safer town centre for visitors and local businesses.

We caught up with Ian and Arfon to see what they’ve been up to this month and what exciting plans they have lined up for Liscard:

“In the last month, we’ve secured a number of sponsors for our lovely planters along Liscard Way. The pots have been neglected over the years and were being used as rubbish bins and ashtrays. A big thank you to McDonald’s, Krugers-Jewellers, Klas, The Flower Boutique, Lauries Jewellers, Tax Assist and P.R. Jewellers for supporting us, Their donations have allowed us to pay for the flowers and cleaning up of the tubs. Together with the weeding we’ve carried out they really do make a big difference, bringing a splash of colour to the shopping area."  

"We've been reporting environmental problems such as street lights not working and refuse deposited in side streets to Wirral Council through their website. Most lights are now working in Liscard Way but if anyone spots an issue that they feel needs reporting then they can contact us here.

For a long time, local businesses have complained that the lampposts and some of the litter bins along Liscard Way needed repainting as many were down to bare metal and looked unsightly.  It was a bit of a nightmare job but we removed the old paint and spruced up the street furniture by giving it a fresh coat of paint. We’ve now completed the work and the difference is remarkable, business owners and shoppers have been showing their appreciation which makes us feel like it’s a job well done.

A project that we are really excited by is our plan to propose that a BMX ‘Pump Track’ is built nearby for the local kids and young adults. The great thing about a pump track is that they can be ridden by cyclists of all ages and skill levels. You don’t need a special kind of bicycle to ride on a pump track ‐ BMX bikes, mountain bikes, kids bikes ‐ even “scooter” bikes. All you really need is a bike and a helmet and you’re set! So far, we’ve submitted a report to the council outlining the benefits, including the leisure and cultural opportunities for Wirral residents to live healthier lives. 

All our news is posted to the Love Liscard Facebook page, we’d love to see you on there! 


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