Life is looking rosy for those A’ Level students looking to go straight into employment.

Ofqual are expecting the A-Level results to be generally stable which will offer little relief to those going to bed tonight knowing that in the morning their fate will be known.

So maybe the grades are not all you hoped they’d be and clearing isn’t an option, what do you do?

Firstly don’t despair… Not quite making the grade is not necessarily a deal breaker when it comes to finding your dream job!

Wirral Chamber member Jo Finnerty Recruitment is excited about how buoyant the employment market is in the Wirral. There are obviously lots of strong level apprenticeships and at present it is a very candidate driven market.

According to REC statistics the Wirral is reflecting the UK with a 3.7 million gain in the new job market. Excitingly though this comes with the knowledge that 2.7 million of that comes from the private sector.

The UK is hiring, and many employers are actively seeking out candidates who are straight from school. Whilst the world of work may seem daunting, it’s never been easier to flourish and progress to your dream role straight out of school.

The apprenticeships on offer at present are exciting and offer industry teaching right from the start and earn money whilst getting all those necessary skills and qualifications……who needs Uni?


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