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If the term “practice what you preach” applied to anyone, it’s Angela Dale.  

Having taken up golf just over a year ago, Angela achieved her PGA Level 1 in golf coaching, and then went on to set up the Wirral Golf Academy (WGA) in November 2018.  Based at Hoylake Municipal Golf Course, WGA is a Community Interest Company (CIC) with the remit of promoting golf, along with health and wellbeing, to young people aged between 4-18 years whatever their background.  

As Angela is quick to point out, golf is great for discipline, getting fit, handling pressure, problem solving, fair play and strategy. With an affordable annual fee of only £50, the WGA can provide one lesson a week, a golf uniform, plus free access to Wirral Council’s Invigor8 Plus programme. Angela has two PGA coaches on board with over 50 years’ golfing experience between them, so it is high quality coaching.  And what is more, The Wirral Golf Academy  is the only affiliated junior golf academy in the UK – another famous sporting  first for Wirral!

In running her food technology business for many years, Angela contracted to large food manufacturers offering change management consultancy, managing technology projects, working with big budgets, tight deadlines and the performance and aspirations of her staff. This experience convinced her that she had all the skills necessary to start a successful new venture.

There are three  levels at The Wirral Golf Academy – for beginners it’s Grass Roots, intermediates it’s Boot Camp and for more advanced there’s the Academy level.  As an added bonus, Club Systems International donated (free of charge) their world-class cloud based golf database software which charts the progress of each youngster.

“Decide where you want to be, then work backwards, and don’t be afraid to ask for advice when you need it."

The Enterprise Hub at Wirral Chamber of Commerce  helped support the business, Angela said: “The Enterprise Hub has been a great sounding board and has helped put my business plan and marketing strategy together.”  And what advice would she give a new start-up business?  “Decide where you want to be, then work backwards, and  don’t be afraid to ask for advice when you need it.””

To enable The Wirral Golf Academy to provide an all inclusive service, Angela is seeking local businesses to sponsor a young person to go through the Academy.  With a £400 annual sponsorship, this will pay for lessons, club facilities, uniform and Invigor8 membership for one youngster.

It will  also provide an opportunity for a sponsor to market their business through  local tournaments, website or merchandising. The sponsor will be putting something back into the community and be part of something unique.

If you would like to sponsor a young person or want to know more about the WGA please see contact details below.

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