Sue Tunnington, Director, RainCatcher Products and Services

Tell us about your company?

RainCatcher Products and Services Limited specialise in storm water management, which includes rainwater harvesting, storm water attenuation, sustainable urban drainage systems and localised flood water control working in harmony with Ecogrid Ltd, its sister company. RainCatcher is well known as a British manufacturer of rainwater storage tanks and filters and are designers and suppliers of rainwater harvesting systems (product supply).

The company has grown organically in a short period of time with new product lines and sectors helping the company achieve growth targets. Our website is a well maintained source of information and includes data on:

  • Award winning RainCatcher tanks;
  • All new RainCatcher innovations and developments;
  • Accessories including both above and below ground rainwater storage and filters, water treatment, pumping equipment, pipe work, specialist labelling, and expansion vessels;
  • News, media and legislation.

Simplicity is a central tenet to the RainCatcher approach, with innovation at the forefront of the organisational structure. Our goal is to unite the age-old philosophy of conservation with the latest technological innovations. At RainCatcher we are not interested in creating systems that burden clients with a lifetime of maintenance costs. Instead, we strive to analyse every aspect of each individual project and then tailor-create a system that will function in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.  Youy can see our RainCatcher system in this video here

Where do you want the business to be in two years?

RainCatcher would like to be recognised in the industry as the inventor and supplier of the innovative RainCatcher 50:50 system (50% of captured rain is for re-use in the home and garden and 50% being retained for slow release to the sewers to help alleviate the strain on the drains) which basically helps the home owner reduce mains water use by up to 50% whilst also helping with localised flooding issues.

We expect to have steady, sustainable growth year on year with highly knowledgeable, trained and driven staff with clear processes and procedures and excellent time management skills who contribute and drive business growth whilst being rewarded based on performance, targets and the success of the business.

"We expect to have steady, sustainable growth year on year with highly knowledgeable, trained and driven staff with clear processes and procedures."

What is your background?

With 35 years in landscape construction and design plus continued training in business management and growth, this has given us the knowledge and expertise needed to grow this company to become a strong well-known brand across not only the UK and Ireland but also for international markets. 

If you could suggest one thing to Government to help business growth what would it be?

Start building!

What do you do to relax away from the office?

I jog, practice yoga, walk the dog, and spend quality time with the children and grandchildren.  I also enjoy good food and drink and (try to) take things slowly.

What hobbies do you have?

Making time and having the energy for hobbies is difficult, but to pursue – diving, surfing and more international travel

Have you any hidden talents that we don’t know about?

I think quite often we take our talents for granted and what one person thinks is a talent another may not, so I am staying schtum (colloquialism for shhhhhhhhhh I do believe)

What one piece of advice would you give an 18 years old  Sue Tunnington  starting out today?

Given the chance go to university with a clear path and goal and dream - but don’t make dreams your master!

Any final thoughts?

I look forward to integrating into the Wirral Chamber of Commerce, and to meeting and working with some great local businesses.

If you are looking at ways of preserving and making better use of rain then a chat with RainCatcher could be the direction to take - please check out its website for more information and Sue would be delighted to meet with you -


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