Start Up Case Study: Extreme Low Energy

Extreme Low Energy Limited (ELE) was founded in July 2014 to create a joint venture between Mark Buchanan and Peter Collin.

Mark and Peter have been working in collaboration developing solutions to deliver a low energy ICT solution for schools, colleges, businesses and a range of other organisations.

The ELE computing product range aims to reduce or fully mitigate ICT running costs and their associated Carbon footprints. Trials to date have shown savings of up to 90% compared to historical computing electricity usage. The company has a full demonstration unit in place which unequivocally confirms the stated potential savings.

They work in collaboration with customers deploying its patent-pending technology to deliver high performance, high quality and low energy ICT solutions into organisations’ looking to address ICT costs and CO2 emissions. Their technologies also address the needs of entities located in remote and rural areas with no access to mains electricity thereby mitigating the digital divide between countries such as Africa and those of the developed western world.

ELE's mission is to become the UK's leading manufacturer of Low Energy computing products by 31st March 2017 and to be exporting the firm’s to a global market.

The value that ELE delivers to both the UK and international markets is the ability to dramatically improve ICT energy efficiency, thereby reducing operating costs whilst simultaneously helping to mitigate associated carbon footprint.

Both Mark and Pete were successful in receiving support through the Start Up Loan Initiative to assist with the development and growth of the business.

Mark Buchanan, one of the founders of Extreme Low Energy (ELE), said: “We were introduced to Wirral Chamber of Commerce by our accountant Alan Woods of Woods Squared who has a reputation for being proactive and good at sourcing funding to support the growth of exciting businesses.

“We were impressed by the diligence of Sara Davies and her team who put us through our paces, asking lots of questions about our business plan, experience, sector knowledge and growth potential.

“We then underwent further intensive due diligence by the Start Up Loans Company before being awarded the largest loan the Chamber had ever secured - £50,000 with £30,000 on day 1 and the option on a further £20,000.

“I would recommend the process to any ambitious business. It allows you to test your business and provides external verification of your business plan. It is also very rewarding to know that other people believe in our ideas as much as we do.”

Mark and Pete are also receiving mentoring support under the start-up loan initiative from Wirral Chamber member Ian Dolman of Faiveley Transport.

The business mainly operates from Liverpool, Formby.


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