Stace Conroy, Operational Director, West Cheshire Facilities Management

Tell us about your company?

West Cheshire Cleaning Services was started back in 1974 and it has now become one of the most trusted organisations to partner and do business with today. I have seen that electronic tendering and e-commerce have taken over the way businesses interact with each other more and more these days and become the main driving factor.

To be successful and to be sustainable as a business you have to move with the times and I think only now are we seeing a real shift in social media taking charge and putting the client in total control.  West Cheshire Facilities Management specialises in providing services to maintain business property, both inside and out.  It is essential that a workforce is housed in a warm, operational and safe building. For your clients visiting the business premises, it is important to have a clean, well-presented and safe environment in which to be proud and to show them that you care about your own business as well as your clients.  

West Cheshire Facilities Management maintains property from Contract Cleaning, Waste Management, Toilet and Washroom Services to Building, exterior Maintenance, Electrical and Plumbing Services.  Based in Wirral, we provide our services to a wide range of business across Merseyside, Liverpool, Cheshire and North West.

What is your background?

Since leaving school in 1985, I studied graphic art and design and was then asked to work for my father’s company as a Life of Grime Technician and Industrial Hygienist. Having left school with no qualifications, except a passion for graphic design and art, my attention to detail has become my “partner in time.”  I guess that this developed from the time I spent as a student.  Then to where I am now is a testament to my own experience in life.  I am certainly not living the dream, but I have parked my heart as close to it as possible.

In doing this I have had plenty of support for which I would extend my thanks to my wife and daughter who have both been my rock and, of course, to my parents who have always been there to support me and more importantly, give me the chance to make a difference not only to my life but also to others I can affect.

There is nothing I haven’t seen or been asked to do that hasn’t tested my mettle over the past 27 years at West Cheshire Facilities Management I have helped to mould and direct the business into the diverse and sustainable company it is today. It has been through a few recessions and downturns in the economy but the vision has coaxed it through, bringing forward its core values, and, at the same time making it steadfast and reliable.

"There is nothing I haven’t seen or been asked to do that hasn’t tested my mettle over the past 27 years at West Cheshire Facilities Management I have helped to mould and direct the business into the diverse and sustainable company it is today."

Where do you want the business to be in two years?

To continue being successful and to continue our growth plan. Building and running a business is not for the weak, 97% of people work for the 3% that continue to strive to maintain that goal. I have discovered it is more to do with the lack of hunger to want more and that dedication to drive oneself. Being driven by passion and having a clear goal about “WHY” I am in business is an extension of the person that I am today.

If somebody asks of me to do something for them on one hand and I have no idea of how to resolve it on the other, the solution is in the challenge, to always say yes and figure it out later on.  I have also founded a number of other ventures which I look to grow, including Dr. Relo (a new business start-up idea) and iPLANit KIDS (Non Profit organisation in the community.

This is why I think all of the employees and contractors which envelopes West Cheshire Facilities Management’s core business model are able to offer any solution to a business problem. Having multi skilled staff from all sectors, carrying out all different kinds of things together and with the experience of employing over 230 staff directly - we have a proven track record of delivering value for money and reliability, consistently.

Being Quality and Environmentally approved by the British Standards as well, I feel we are the partner any company would need to support them in their industry.

What one piece of advice would you give an 18 years old Stace Conroy starting out today?

If there is anything I would say to a young person starting out with nothing – is this “Be the person you would want to meet, and build a product or service that people can Trust, the money will come later”.

Any final thoughts?

Usually at the end of the day, I reflect on what I have achieved with the time I have had so far, and all I would say so far is that – “Time steals our desire to achieve, so I’m making the most of Mine now.”

If you would like to chat with Stace about any of the services offered by West Cheshire Faciities Management then please visit the website or call on 0151 630 2147


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