Page Jones - FX Sound Engineer

Whether you are watching a cool thriller, a docu-drama or a riveting spy caper on TV, you probably never think about the sound!  Who creates the creaking door, that plaintive cry of the hooded crow, those sinister footsteps getting closer and closer or the toaster springing to life?  Well the answer could be Page Jones, Wirral’s newest sound engineer and audio alchemist!

Page’s business (called Page Jones) started trading in February 2019 and provides film and TV directors with quality audio.  This can involve creating effects, finessing dialogue and filtering out background noise.  And whether it’s creating, recording, editing, mastering or stitching (tidying up to you and me), Page does the lot.  Having already chalked up an impressive roster of work including “Jenna the Great”, “The Secret”, multi-award winning Interactive Film “Survivor” (in the Experimental Category at the Los Angeles Film Awards & Best Shorts Competition in Experimental), officially selected “Guilt & Denial” with ‘Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival’ and other Shortlisted works like Echo Screen and Hazel, he is now ready to develop his new business into higher profile film projects and music production.

However, it hasn’t all been plain-sailing.  Being brought up in a military family, Page’s early years were disrupted.  Never being in one place for too long, he found it difficult to put down any roots and develop long-term relationships.  He eventually settled back on Wirral, where his dad originally grew up and had his own business.

Page eventually got his Radio Degree in 2016, but not the grades he was hoping for.  He admits it was down to a lack of prioritizing and poor time management.  Sadly, Page then suffered a personal tragedy which rocked his world to the core.  It affected him for quite some time but he eventually got back on his feet with the support of his amazing family and friends.  In fact, he came out of this difficult time with a renewed desire and passion to make the most of whatever opportunities came his way.

It was then 2016 that he continued working with a director whom he had previously met at University and had great success with “Survivor”.  This person mentored Page, opening up a whole new career for him in sound design!  Page acknowledges that without this mentor, he wouldn’t be where he is today.

It was with aspirations to grow his business and eventually open his own sound studio that he approached the Enterprise Hub at Wirral Chamber of Commerce.  As Page recalls: “The Enterprise Hub helped me understand my business much better and challenged me with different creative ideas and scenarios to get me thinking about how I can grow my business in the future.”

And what advice would Page give to any budding entrepreneurs?   Not surprisingly, bearing in mind he works to strict deadlines, he responded: “Keep on track with your schedule to achieve a good work-life balance.  And find people you can rely on professionally, as this will be a good safety net.  Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help, you’re never too old to learn something new.”

If there are any directors, film producers or media companies looking for a ‘sound’ guy, then Page Jones can be contacted on 07935 701040 or you can e-mail him at


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