Kylie Woods, Business Development Officer, NAC Group

Tell us about your company?

NAC Group is a national training organisation with key sites in the North East and North West of England. Our mission is to nurture talent and inspire young people to pursue fulfilling careers. Through tailored and highly respected programmes we  develop employment ready candidates for a growing network of employers.
At NAC group we believe that we differ from other training providers in our approach. We are committed to training individuals only where there are jobs, everything we do is geared towards developing employability and employment opportunities. Thanks to our highly qualified and motivated team of teachers and tutors we are committed to ensuring that the UK’s manufacturing and engineering workforce continues to be the finest in the world. We are proud to share that a whole national business to date we have trained 12,000 people, placed +5000 people directly into work, have invested £2 million into our training infrastructure of which £250,000 has been invested into our multimedia learning platform and as an organisation continue to have a 97% qualification success rate.
As an innovative and fast-growing service provider, our range of training programmes and courses now extends beyond workforce development in the automotive sector to learners of all ages. We have developed a broad range of programmes, including:
·         Adult Training Provision – Pre employment
·         School Engagement Projects
·         Study Programmes for 16-18 year olds
·         Traineeships 17-24 year olds
·         Apprenticeships
·         Ex-offenders support release programme

What is your background?

In January 2013 I joined NAC Group as a Skills Matcher working with our learners to match them to individual employment opportunities on completion of our training programme. NAC Group at this time had just opened its doors to our North West training facility to support an outsourcing project in Ellesmere Port with DHL. As our training programmes developed and we diversified into further manufacturing and logistic sectors I developed into Assistant Site Manager and Business Development Officer. I now work closely with our North West Regional Manager to ensure are client relations are maintained and to look at future business development opportunities across the country. Following the success of our pre-employment opportunities we created a new concept of Pop Ups for employers who were out of easy reach of our Bromborough facility. Since this launch we have created 22 sites nationally to support businesses across the country. NAC Group are proud to share that during 2014 we have successfully placed 1000 local people into employment within the North West area within the Manufacturing and Logistic sectors and on average 70% of our completed learners gain employment with the end client. My role is very exciting as I am part of establishing and planning the programmes we provide to customers, I am proud to be part of NAC Group and see the success it is having for employers, and, very importantly our learners who can gain employment through a different route.
Prior to NAC Group I worked as a Primary School Teacher in a Wirral primary school. During my work as a KS2 Primary teacher I supported children through mainstream education in all areas of the curriculum, working to support their individual learning targets and goals.
"I am proud to be part of NAC Group and see the success it is having for employers and, very importantly, our learners who can gain employment through a different route."

If you could suggest one thing to Government to help business growth what would it be?

Many businesses approach NAC Group for support with current staff for further training and development. Further support is needed to allow businesses to invest in their own staff and ensure they too are gaining the skills needed for industry and to also ensure progression in house continues to take place. It appears extremely difficult for organisations to fund the release of their own staff and backfill within production and logistic companies due to the cost it entails on the business and ultimately the impact it has on production if backfilling does not take place. I feel it would be beneficial for funds to be available to support this element whilst also tackling skills gaps we have within the sector.

What do you do to relax away from the office?

I have recently returned from maternity leave after having a baby boy, away from the office he keeps me very busy. I try to get out and about walking as often as possible whilst also enjoying some fresh air. In my spare time I enjoy reading a good book and switching off.

What hobbies do you have?

From a young age I have enjoyed dinghy sailing and try to get out as often as possible. I am an outdoor person and love camping with family and friends throughout the summer period.

What one piece of advice would you give an 18 years old Kylie Woods starting out today?

With a career change several years ago, I would remind myself that it is key to enjoy what you do and be happy and content in life.  Change is possible as long as you work hard and are passionate enough to get there.


NAC Group delivers both sector-specific learning programmes and school engagement projects and its highly experienced team in the North West are nationally recognised for the quality of delivery on training courses - to find out more please visit the NAC website


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