Colin Jones, Inteb Sustainability, Bromborough

Tell us about your company?

Inteb is a small company of engineers, chartered surveyors and utility specialists providing integrated energy and sustainability services and solutions to a wide range of clients in both public and private sectors. Offering both breadth and depth of knowledge and experience, our services include Energy and Carbon Management, Energy Purchasing, Engineering & Construction Services, Project Management, Building Compliance Services, Energy Training solutions, Green Deal Provider and related solutions and Green Energy procurement. Focused on providing optimum solutions, Inteb deliver maximum value to clients through 4 key tenets – delivery excellence, technical leadership, customer intimacy and service innovation. At the same time Inteb helps to ensure that clients, who may be responsible for single buildings or own/manage property portfolios, comply with all relevant regulatory requirements

Inteb has defined a coherent roadmap to help mitigate future increased environmental and operational costs and risks. The resulting range of tailored and practical solutions help property owners, facilities managers and high energy users respond effectively to the on-going challenge of climate change and spiralling energy costs - with results that are good for their bottom line and great for reputational risk, notwithstanding the positive impact on the wider environment.

Where do you want the business to be in two years?

Well on our way to becoming an industry leader in the world of sustainability in the UK. We want to develop a significant international presence rolling out what is planned to be a scalable and repeatable model, whilst focusing on its strong North West roots.

"...we want to develop a significant international presence rolling out what is planned to be a scalable and repeatable model, whilst focusing on our strong North West roots.

What is your background?

I am a Chartered Building Surveyor with nearly 25 years' experience working in commercial real estate. I am originally from Anglesey but have lived in West Kirby for 13 years with my wife, who is a primary school teacher and 4 grown up children. Sadly Adam who has just turned sixteen is the only one living at home now.

Before I set up Inteb with my business partner, Philip, I was employed at the Co-operative Insurance Society (CIS) in Manchester for 17 years where I eventually was responsible for property and facilities management and project managing some large development schemes for its £2.5bn commercial property investment portfolio. In my spare time and which is where my passion for sustainability comes from, I assisted the executive board of the CIS in becoming a market leader in environmental property management and providing opportunities to make a distinctive contribution to the environment, stakeholders and the wider community.

If you could suggest something to government which would help your business growth what would it be?

We are fortunate to work with some great people some of which we can also call our clients. It is often the case that when we are not talking about sport, we are chatting about business opportunities and in particular the barriers to growth. It seems that the old issues affecting cash flow like getting paid in a reasonable time is still a significant problem. Continued late payments can threaten profits, growth and even survival prospects of small firms and yet we can’t use formal procedures to tackle the problem because of the fear of harming relationships.

We need government to have a serious discussion with the business community and in particular large corporations to see how they can embrace paying their suppliers on time and in full, avoiding the temptation to delay paying typically citing invoice errors and other trivial excuses so that prompt, proper payment washes down the supply chain.

What do you do to relax away from the office?

Not a lot at the moment...I am very mindful of keeping healthy and so I get to the gym when I can but it’s hard to keep it going...especially in winter!

What hobbies do you have?

As my children have pretty much left the nest, I am on the lookout for something to do....I don’t really have time but I am conscious I need to have an outside distraction...suggestions welcome!

Have you any hidden talents that we don't know about?

Sadly none....although I dream of being a concert pianist!

What one piece of advice would you give an 18 years old Colin Jones starting out today?

Whatever you do in life make sure you plan ahead...never look for the “quick win”, be yourself and always be prepared to listen and finally make sure you treat people the way you would like to be treated....

As a specialist energy services company to the property sector, Inteb advises the UK's building occupiers and investment portfolios on ways to improve efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and stay compliant. If you are a member of the Wirral Business Partnership, Inteb is also offering a free energy efficiency review which you can see more about in the Members Offer Section by logging in.  You can also see more about Inteb by visiting its website.


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