Chris Shone, CSC Clearance, Wallasey

Tell us about your company?

I own a business called CSC Clearance.  It offers a clearance, removal, and property service for both domestic and commercial clients, specialising in house clearance and working closely with home owners, landlords, and probate solicitors when necessary. CSV can supply commercial landlords with an estate management service carrying out property maintenance, minor repairs, clearance and decoration of houses, units, shops, warehouses etc. Overall, CSC offers a complete package of property maintenance for our clients with one point of contact and with just one invoice.

Where do you want the business to be in two years?

Contracts are key to this business. I would like to think that over the next two years the business will be seeking to add further clients to our portfolio consisting of probate solicitors and commercial landlords. In doing so this would allow the company to expand and justify a looking at adding a storage and sales facility for stock items, as well as purchasing more fleet vehicles together with hiring staff to help fulfil the needs of our clients.

What is your background?

I have been self employed for 12 years. I have predominately worked in the motor trade – owning and running large commercial repair and sales premises.  Over the last two years or so I have made the step in diversifying from the motor trade sector and have provided other business with my expertise in sales and marketing,

If you could suggest something to Government that would help your business growth what would it be?

As an SME I would like some of the benefits of being VAT registered, however, I am aware that being VAT registered will make the company a less desirable business in the eyes of private individuals and other small businesses who cannot reclaim the extra charge.  Not to mention the extra time, paperwork and accountancy fees I would inherit. I would suggest that SME's should have extra financial help and support to aid them in becoming collectors of extra added taxes i.e. VAT in order to compensate for the loss of revenue in other areas

" absolutely sure what it is you want to do, visualise where you see yourself five years down the line in following your career."

What do you do to relax away from the office?

I like to spend my spare time relaxing with my family and friends. Socialising, having fun and enjoying hobbies is a good way for me to take my mind off my business.

What hobbies do you have?

I enjoy riding Enduro and  Motocross, going to the gym, and I also snowboard.

Do you have any hidden talents that we don’t know about?

As before, Enduro and Motocross racing and also road racing which often takes place around the world famous Oulton Park, if you can call that a talent?

What one piece of advice would you give an 18 year old Chris Shone starting out today?

Be absolutely sure what it is you want to do, visualise where you see yourself 5 years down the line off following your career idea.  Study and gain as many qualifications as you can to support your chosen career, and above everything else make sure it is something that will make you happy and you will enjoy doing.

It is obvious that Chris is determined to move forward with CSC and to look at growing the business over the coming months. As part of the Wirral Chamber of Commerce he is keen to talk with other members about the cultures behind their business models.  To find out more about Chris and CSC then please look at its website or email him for a chat at



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