Chris Dermody - Managing Director of Sticx

Tell us about your company

Sticx is a Timber Frame specialist company based in Merseyside that carries out a range of work throughout the United Kingdom and works in the Education, Student Accommodation, Residential, Upward Extensions, Social Housing and Self Build.

Timber framing is fast becoming the best and most popular solution for all types of construction projects. The benefits are clear, the technology is proven.

Sticx is about harnessing the experience of our team to deliver the best solutions for our projects and our clients. We believe that nearly all projects can be built with structural timber and a modern timber frame company needs to have the technical expertise to design a brilliant solution and the flexibility to deliver a variety of projects using on-site and off-site build techniques.
We have modelled our company on this ethos and we believe that we have the best people to deliver against it.
Above all, we are not just fabricators; we are timber frame builders and our finished product is a complete frame on your site.


What is your background?

I’m a born and bred Wirralian and proud of it. I grew up in Wallasey and started my working life at Wirral Council where I served my time as a joinery apprentice. I started my first business Wirral Joinery with my then business partner in 2007 which was a fantastic learning experience, however, the business ended when the partnership did. It was then that I met with John Maddock of Lockwood Construction.
Lockwoods had a 3-storey specialist care unit to build on a tight infill site that all other timber frame manufacturers wouldn’t touch, loving a challenge and being Lockwood's preferred joinery company I put it to John that we could stick build this scheme in-situ. We completed the job on time and within budget.

We could see the potential in a timber-framed specialist company in Merseyside and in 2011 together we set up Sticx. Initially, we set up the business in Bootle which is where our head office is. As the business grew, I could see the potential in Wirral for a business like ours and as I’m from the Wirral I’d always wanted to set up there, this resulted in us buying the old Regal Wholesale building in Wallasey in 2017. Most of the staff at Sticx are from the Wirral too so it made total sense. 


Where do you want the company to be in 2 years time?

I want Sticx to be the biggest timber frame manufacturer in the North West. We are already the biggest in Liverpool and Wirral so we are making serious strides in the right direction. We also want to double the workforce from 18 to around 40 and the potential is there. Training is a major focus for us and I’m passionate about increasing the skills base on Wirral. Working in the timber frame construction industry is an excellent introduction into the joinery profession, as an example 2 of the lads who started with me as labourers at Wirral Joinery have been trained and progressed over the years to the point now that they have set up their own labour only joinery subcontract business with us supplying the work for them to grow. , I believe we can compete with anybody price wise and we definitely are the best when it comes to installation, if we do sublet 
anywork it is to teams like the lads mentioned above so basically we supply the complete package from start to finish…none of our competitors do this!

Could you suggest one thing to Government to help business growth what would it be?

I would like to see the onus put on developers to use local suppliers, there is nothing more frustrating to me than speaking to my competitors and they tell me they are 
supplying people with timber frame on the Wirral, why would you pay for the extra costs involved in transport travel etc and not get a local supplier in ! We work with (Wirral Chamber Strategic Partners) Morgan Sindall and they pride themselves on creating partnerships with local contractors, 

What do you do to relax away from the office?

Relax? I Have four kids so am even busier at home than at work! My two eldest sons have joined the business, my 18-year-old is working with us as a trainee designer along with doing an engineering degree and doing a brilliant job and my 20-year-old is a joiner he loves working on site and has no interest in working in an office, he loves it as a child he would read screwfix instead of comics ! I’m really proud of them both, not to sure what my other 2 are going to do but hopefully, as we grow I can offer them a position here (as long as they do well at school).  I’m also engaged to be married next year to Nicki who works in the office she has 3 great kids so full house for next year, so yes, I’m very busy and relaxing doesn’t really happen but wouldn’t have it any other way.

What hobbies do you have?

When I get the chance to I go to the gym, I’m looking to get involved again in some white collar boxing and would love to set up a charity night next year …while I’m doing nothing! 
It's my claim to fame, I fought at a charity boxing night that Kenny Dalgleish had set up, Ricky Hatton was in the crowd that night too, I loved it and can't wait to do it again I’ve got 100% record fought one lost one.

Have you any hidden talents?

I believe that I’m a real people person, I’m best in front of customers and love the interaction with them. Just don’t put me in charge of a computer or the IT.


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