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The UK's departure from the EU is one of the biggest economic changes in a generation.

The Chamber Network is focused on the practicalities of Brexit for business communities across the UK. Since the referendum, the Chamber of Commerce Network has been working, together with members, to identify areas where companies have concerns and calling for government to answer those practical and pragmatic questions.

A one-stop-shop for advice and guidance with independent resources provided by the British Chambers of Commerce and other key partners on Brexit. Wirral Brexit Hub is a platform for businesses to share experience and best practice in Brexit preparations, and to receive relevant training and briefings.

Working closely with Wirral businesses, we will develop a Wirral Wide Brexit Strategy to help sustain Wirral’s healthy economy, secure opportunities for Wirral post-Brexit and protect and prepare our businesses for any potential implications or opportunities that may arise under any Brexit eventuality.

The Team: The Wirral Brexit Hub will be jointly led by Wirral Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive, Paula Basnett and Warren Ward, Head of Public Affairs. Our team consists of International Trade Officers with over a decade of experience and Policy & Research Assistants – all dedicated to providing meaningful support to Wirral Businesses.

Support: The Wirral Brexit Hub is on-hand to provide your business with the support it needs throughout the Brexit Processes.If you are interested in receiving updates, or your business has any general enquiries relating to Brexit, please contact the team on: WirralBrexitHub@WirralChamber.co.uk

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