The Hidden Cost Of Conflict - Workshop

5th July 2019 @ 08:30,



Thornton Common Road

Thornton Hough

CH63 0LT


Conflict and drama are an unfortunately common state for people, teams and businesses, and results in a surprising amount of wasted time and energy. It is common for business leaders, teams or colleagues to be unaware of their conflict, let alone understand how they got there.

Whilst it is true that ‘drama’ is inevitable with humans, there are many ways to prevent or minimise it. If you were aware of the amount of time was lost to drama in your business, how committed would you be to make positive changes.


The session will :

  • Look at key indicators that your teams are dis-engaged
  • Give some consideration to your own hidden drama with your teams
  • Give you some space to think about your own business and teams
  • Consider your next steps to address any unwanted drama


Have you ever tried to calculate the hidden costs of drama?

  • Legal costs that drama brings with grievances and disputes?
  • Poor decision making?
  • Fast staff turnovers?
  • Sick leave due to stress?
  • Disengaged employees?
  • Terrorists taking control?
  • What’s the cost of this?

Delivered by experts Alison Blackler from 2Minds and Andy Cross from ConcentricHR, this session will give you the chance to think about any hidden drama within your business or life, and explore ways to rectify it


Come and engage in a lively discussion about the issue and learn how you can manage drama in your business.



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