‘Selling in a Virtual World’ – exclusive webinar with Andy Bounds

8th October 2020 @ 09:30,

Selling is never easy at the best of times.

And this is NOT the best of times!

We can’t meet with customers face-to-face. Our competitors are desperate for business, so are slashing their costs. Our customers are running out of money, so can’t afford us. There’s so much noise out there, it’s hard to be heard. Not easy…

But there are many things we can do, to increase our chances of winning work.

So we’re excited and delighted to announce that we’ve arranged for Britain’s Sales Trainer of the Year Andy Bounds to deliver a webinar for us - ‘Selling in a Virtual World’

During this webinar, Andy will share best-practices, to help us win more sales, more quickly – including:

  • Lockdown selling – how to sell more, when you can’t meet with your customers or prospects
  • Quick sales – the fastest ways to win new sales - so you win a lot more work, without doing a lot more work!
  • Building rapport – how to quickly build relationships, so we can better impress and influence people – even when we can’t see them
  • Overcoming objections – from the traditional ’can you drop your price?’ to the new ‘this lockdown means I don’t have the money to buy anything’
  • Standing-out – the simplest, best, cheapest and nicest ways to stand-out above the competition

We’re delighted to be working with Andy again. Last year, he delivered a face-to-face (remember them?) masterclass for us. It was one of our best attended and most popular events we’ve ever run. Here’s a bit more detail about him:

  • He’s a local chap – lives in West Kirby – and has worked in 40+ companies, helping some of the world’s largest and most famous companies to increase their sales
  • As well as winning the title ‘Britain’s Sales Trainer of the Year’, he has voted ‘Liverpool Business Personality of the year’
  • He’s written three international best-selling books on sales (in fact, his first one was only kept off the Amazon #1 spot by the final Harry Potter book!)
  • He helped Barclays Bank win their largest deal at the time - worth £2.6 billion
  • His expertise in selling stem from the fact his mother is blind. This has given him a lifetime’s experience of communicating from someone else’s point of view. This is always important when selling, of course. But it is essential now when we can’t see the customer we’re trying to impress.

As you’d expect, places are limited and this event will be a sell-out. So, to book your place, please click on the link below immediately. The details you need are:

  • Date – 8th October
  • Time – 9:30am-10:15am

We’re really excited to have him speaking for us again. And are very much looking forward to seeing you there.

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