Practical Preparations for Brexit

12th March 2020 @ 09:00, Egerton House

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Brexit has dominated the headlines since the referendum in 2016, with highly charged debate about how this should be done, and unprecedented political turmoil – resulting in shifting deadlines and two general elections.

Three and a half years on, the Withdrawal Agreement finally received Royal Assent on 23rd January and was signed by the European Council on 24th January – ahead of the UK’s leave date of 31st January.

A transition period has been agreed to the end of December 2020, during which time it is hoped that a trade agreement will be negotiated. If negotiations fail, then the UK still faces a possible no deal scenario. Businesses will continue to prepare for the unknown.

Many companies are still unclear or unaware of the practical implications for their business. Some are simply waiting to see what happens. Whatever your approach, there are legislative and practical issues that will need to be addressed. These may have implications for your cost base, your staff workload/training, your operating procedures and record keeping.

Topics Covered on the Day;

• What we know about Brexit

• What we don’t know about Brexit

• The importance of understanding key terminology in international trade

• How will Brexit potentially impact on your business?

Practical Issues:

o Clarification of the Import/Export process

o Customs compliance and declarations

o Implications for duties and VAT

o Commodity Codes


o Transitional Simplified Procedures

o Simplified Customs Procedures

o Trade Agreements

o Rules of Origin

o Logistics

o Incoterms

o Export Documentation

o Human Resource

Strategic Impact:

o Supply chain evaluation

o Customer base

o Sales and marketing

o Resource

o Competitiveness

o IP/Technical/Legal issues

o Sources of information

During the day, delegates will develop their own Brexit Impact Assessment with a supporting action plan. They will be given guidance on how to evaluate the risks/challenges (and maybe even opportunities) that may result from Brexit.

Ultimately, you will leave with a clearer understanding of how Brexit could affect your business, and tangible information to assist with strategy development, budget planning and general preparations for the months ahead.

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