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The Russell Taylor Group was initially conceived, by Peter Russell, in 1998, as an HR consultancy offering HRD services to SMEs. In November, 2005, with son Ben, technical recruitment was launched, now servicing over 200 technical clients with permanent and contract staff in the Construction Management, Construction & Civil Trades, Technical & Engineering, Industrial Trades and Manufacturing.

Today, based out of its HQ in Bromborough, but with locations nationally, it turns over in excess of £25m sales, employing over 50 staff locally, and with its sister companies, Recruit Right and Assist Resourcing UK, turns over an additional £45m sales, employ another 80+ staff in the Commercial, Supply Chain and industrial sectors.

The business has been recognized for its Quality Management Processes and holds a IiP and Staff Wellbeing award, in addition to several H&S certificates.

The company engages strongly with its local communities, particularly on the Wirral, where its directors have lived and worked over many years. Community engagement includes significant fundraising for local charities, working with young students in local schools and championing apprenticeships.

Key contact                                                                                       Facts and Figures

Name: Ben Russell                                                                                Founded:1998

Position:  Group Chief Executive                                                           Location: Bromborough, Wirral

Email:                                                Number of Employees: 52

                                                                                                            Turnover: £25+m

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