Capital Reinforcing


Capital Reinforcing are suppliers of Reinforcing Steel products supplied to the construction sector.  We are situated in Bromborough, Wirral and operate from a large industrial complex which has been purpose built for our specific operations.  The site is also situated next door to a major port who deals with all the companies’ shipments of steel which we then process from our factories and then using our own haulage company to distribute to our customers right around the UK and Ireland.  The company use the latest rebar processing machinery and technology to process our customers’ orders ensuring that the materials we deliver to them are done so with the highest quality standards but done in a sustainable manner.  The company was set up in 2012 in a smaller facility on the existing site and has grown from four employees to seventy six currently with further plans over the next few years to expand into other products and new sites around the UK.  From the beginning of our business we have had a very successful partnership with Wirral Chamber and are delighted to be a patron member of the chamber and look forward to our joint continued success in the many years ahead.

Key contact                                                                                      Facts and figures

Name: Paul Cardwell                                                                             Founded:  2003

Position: Director                                                                                  Location:  Bromborough, Wirral

Email:                                                                        Number of Employees: 76

                                                                                                           Turnover: £18,652,000.00

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