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CPL Training Group – Patron Member summary

Based in Merseyside, CPL Training Group is a collective of companies serving the licensed retail and hospitality industry, delivering training and development, licensing, and marketing services.

CPL Training is the largest company within the Group. From compliance training to personal development, we are a trusted and long-standing partner to the industry. Each year 20,000 delegates choose us to undertake personal licence training. We are the only company to organise more than 1,000 courses annually, which take place at 80 venues up and down the country.

With over 25 years’ experience of delivering licensing training, we are well-placed to assist you with licence application services. On behalf of our clients, our licensing team processes 5,000 personal licence applications per year, including a growing number of premises licences.

UK Legion Marketing, the newest addition to the Group, specialises in the delivery of campaigns for pubs, restaurants, hotels and bars. Legion’s team of telemarketing professionals work alongside you to boost footfall, bookings and customer spend.

In recent years, the Group has acquired renowned training brands to strengthen our position in the market. These acquisitions include abv Training, Training Information Centre (TIC) and DH Training, all of which have their own customer base and operate separately. In 2018, the Group sold one of its largest brands, CPL Online, to CGA Group.

The original business was founded in 1991 as a training provider for new licensees. Whilst the company has changed over the years, our culture of customer service remains the same. Under the leadership of chief executive Daniel Davies and managing director Louise Sui, we have built a reputation on quality service and delivery. This has enabled us to become a valuable partner to the industry – and not just a supplier.

Key contact

Name: Chelsea Hankin

Position: Head of Marketing

Email: chelsea.hankin@cpltg.com

Facts and figures

Founded: 2009

Location: Birkenhead

Number of Employees: 60



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