British Chambers of Commerce Kenya

No-one understands business needs better than other businesses – and few organisations can draw on as much practical expertise as the British Chambers of Commerce. 

The Global Business Network is a powerful and reliable B2B network that includes Accredited Chambers of Commerce in every UK town and city, all linked to British Chambers around the world. 

If you want to start doing business internationally, the BCC Global Business Network is here to help you.  As a Chamber member, you have access to the BCC Global Business Network in the following markets:


British Chambers of Commerce Kenya

Bloom Centre, 7th Floor KMA Centre, Mara Road,
Upper Hill, Nairobi, Kenya



The Chamber has only recently been established and for the moment is focussing on support to members in Kenya - offering networking, information, advocacy and marketing.  We are currently doubling our membership numbers and building links with national and local bodies in Kenya, which will help us to offer more support to exporters from UK.

Services for Exporters

For the moment we do not offer paid services but, working in close junction with the UKTI team in the British High Commission Nairobi, as well as other teams in the region, we can help provide advice on market insight and getting started.  In particular, we can make introductions to our members as well as the members of affiliated Kenyan bodies.  As we are starting to advocate on behalf of UK business in Kenya, we have a growing understanding of the challenges facing business here and can provide advice accordingly.


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