British Chamber of Commerce Singapore

No-one understands business needs better than other businesses – and few organisations can draw on as much practical expertise as the British Chambers of Commerce. 

The Global Business Network is a powerful and reliable B2B network that includes Accredited Chambers of Commerce in every UK town and city, all linked to British Chambers around the world. 

If you want to start doing business internationally, the BCC Global Business Network is here to help you.  As a Chamber member, you have access to the BCC Global Business Network in the following markets:


The British Chamber of Commerce Singapore is a leading international business forum which provides opportunities for British, international and local organisations in Singapore with ties to British business. The network presently comprises over 2,500 individuals and 400 companies.

Core Services
Market insight

We can provide you with market intelligence that you can trust and use to inform your decisions, and save you time and money:

  •  Take advantage of up to date information on a given market, together with broader, sectorspecific information provided by British business groups in countries that interest you
  •  Identify challenges and opportunities and understand the nuances of doing business in a particular country or region

Getting started overseas
To help get you started, we can offer practical support that includes:

  •  British business centres – a physical base to help get you started, with access to wi-fi and other office facilities, and fellow companies on hand from the local business network
  •  Matchmaking services – introductions to agents, suppliers and distributors and potential customers
  •  Professional business services – introductions to trusted lawyers, accountants, translators, tax advisors, other professional support services

Building market share
Once you have started trading in your chosen market we can help you build your market share with:

  •  Advice on the best routes to market, whether that’s through a joint venture or establishing a representative office
  •  Support for launches and marketing new products and services
  •  Access satellite offices in larger markets such as China, India or Brazil

Growing a regional presence
If you’re looking to expand within your target region, the network can help by:

  •  Introducing you to approved business to business support groups in the markets that interest you
  •  Connecting you with regional distributors and other reputable contacts to get you started
  •  Help you gain access to government and other relevant support
  • Additional services
  • In many markets, you can also take advantage of a wide range of additional services. These include:
  •  Visa, business visa and work permit support
  •  Market overview, research, competitor and sector analysis
  •  Advice on cultural awareness
  •  Tariff and customs research
  •  Finance reporting and book-keeping
  •  Relocation support
  •  Language/translation support 
  • Risk and budget management support
  •  Policy advice

Tailored Localised Service Packages
Many overseas business networks will tailor support to meet your needs. Some services are free, others attract a cost. Our networks will provide a fully-priced proposal detailing any costs applicable and are very competitive, by comparison to competitor networks. To find out more about the services available in your market please click the 'get-connected button'.


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